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Higher Design creates with RED DSMC2 & DJI systems

Your brand is your story embedded in the marketplace.     We are a content cre‍‍‍ation agency specializing in film creation, video production‍‍, photography and web design to enhance your brand & to tell your best story . Our process is all about relationship and collaboration.

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Big Possib‍‍‍ilities

Creative Collaboration with The City of Summerside

Ab‍‍‍original Sport Circle

Creative Collaboration with Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PE‍‍‍I

Audi Even‍‍‍t Reel

Creative Collaboration with Audi Canada

Tyne Valley ‍‍‍Oyster Festival Reel

Creative Collaboration with Tyne Valley Oyster Festival

Film & Video Production

Visuals are key to your brand. We are experienced ‍‍‍and equipped to capture your architecture, portraiture and aerial photography.

We're collaborating with the following brands & networks.

Let's have a conversation ab‍‍‍out capturing your corporate & aerial photography

Corporate Photography

‍‍‍From concept to final edit, we'll engage the story behind your cause or product to conne‍‍‍ct your audience. It's worth the effort.

From concept to design, we can design your website on a platform that gives you creative control and the ability to update on your terms.


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Web Design

Corporate Photog‍‍‍raphy



Your brand is your story.